A Brave New World.

Mike Pelland
Jun 1, 2022 10:47:14 AM

This seems like a hard space to crack into, but I’m going to send it.

Spinning up an Agency that I don’t even know what to call myself will be interesting. I’ll stick with Digital Marketing & Growth Agency and see where it lands. The process has got to be like what I’ve spent the last 7 years working on, no?

To be sure, I’ve spent a lot of time growing things that have products, or a membership associated with them, but not something like this… so it’s going to be fun and interesting. I love learning new things, and this is something that I’ve always wanted to figure out. Conversions that aren’t transactions. I’ve always preached that in today’s landscape, you need to be more inspirational and less transactional, and this is the best way to cut my teeth on it. I am a believer that your typical product and membership companies MUST move in this direction now or die.

A Frustrated Customer

Potential customers are sick of “buy my stuff, buy my stuff”, especially these days, they want to be inspired and not feel like they are constantly being sold to. Driven to the same tired website, just with curb feelers and fuzzy dice on it. Unfortunately, that’s most of what I’ve seen lately. Keep jacking the paid media into the same audiences and maybe, just maybe someone will acquiesce and buy your stuff. It’s just not for me anymore and it doesn’t work. Selling the "off-brand that costs you more", and just keep piling into the same tired tactics, I’m just done with that.

For months now, I’ve been telling myself, that there’s got to be a better way and I’m going to find it. You need to compel someone to buy from you and THEN you need to compel that same customer to stay with you. It’s not rocket science. I think Hunter (the paid media guru here) has it right… He’s got this diagram on my desk called BIZ LAW ONE and you’ve got to see it. I’m confident that will leech into my next few posts, as I believe he’s got this one nailed. BTW - paid media is down toward the bottom of the page.

This new chapter, it’s already proven interesting. Doing some SEO work on this Agency space and finding out that folks are paying $26 on AdWords to get to the top of the page. That’s downright insane. I mean it is nutty… just running the math on that will make someone’s head explode. It’s not sustainable. Facebook seems like a crapshoot for getting these types of conversions, plus I’m not sure if FB is even the right place for something like this. So, you get into LinkedIn and my first impression is: that LI is a place that people check when they need a job, so advertising and looking for these new types of conversions here might be futile. But who knows?

Like I said, though… I’m going to send it and see what happens.

I’ve got ideas and as I work through them, I’ll share my thoughts in this space, if some people can pick up a nugget or two… well, that seems like a good place to start.

Hello World…

Let’s go.

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